European Championships 2007, Bruhl Germany

Jormas ready for Bruhl.jpg

11.3. Leo:


Congratulations Juha !!

10.3. Leo:

No updates on this page. Sorry!
Jari is far too busy in Bruhl to send any updates.
And Bluekingclub provides a live webcam picture of race management pc.
So to follow races live, check
Username: gast
password: blueking 

Seems that it is not working with Firefox. Works well with IE7.

Results etc can be found from OWH forum.

4.3. Leo:

I just got some Jormas ready.
3 of these are already sold to Horky!
If You are interested to buy one, ask from Jari.

27.2. Leo:

Race is getting closer...

Lots of racers!
This is very very good!

I think that JPVR was absolutely right when He was talking about
Box12 as a lifesaver for slotracing!

Lets hope that He has an opportunity to visit Bruhl during the race.


Unfortunately I am going to miss this race.

But I think that we can count on Jari for some updates directly from
Bruhl to keep us up-to-date what is happening.


Sorry, nothing yet!