Finnish G7 Nationals and HYPEtionals 2007


Thank You Atte for providing this info!


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29.10. Leo:

28.10. Jari:
Thank You LMRC about avesome weekend!
Hypetionals as Box stock light Finnish champ race took place in Finnish slot racing culture.
Sunday: Same story continues as Saturday. Jari sweeeps others in Semi and Final.
Left podium places went to Hype members Juha 2nd and Leo 3rd.
Next race in Laihia is EC 2008.

27.10. Leo&Jari:
First day of racing done.
Jari won first ever HYPEtionals championship!
Junior HYPEtionals champion is famous Atte Lyyski!

Concratulations for both!

Jari sweeps also G7 warm-up (OMG7)!

G7 Finnish championships started with Q. Fastest was... who else than 
Jari with lap 1.715s (track record 1.702s).

So Jari won almost everything today!
Let's see if he can continue tomorrow from where he 
finished today. Or if Juha is ready to challenge him
in race of out national title.

Todays other ligth was Justus with his first TQ ever in
BOX12 in Hypetionals.

So tomorrow we will see who is best in Finnish championship tougthest
national title after G7 US nats!

24.10. Leo:
I just got information from Atte that there will be also a OMG7 race on Saturday.
It will be good warm-up for the main G7 race!
Timeschedule now updated with OMG7 race.

23.10.2007 Leo:
So it is time for the Finnish G7 National Championships.
Race will run in Laihia.
As Laihia is the host for ESROC 2008 Championships this race will also be a good place to test for that.

Before the G7 race on Saturday we will race the first ever HYPETIONALS race!
This first race will be Box12 race.

So there will be lot of good anf high level racing in Laihia.

Unfortunately no racers outside Finland will arrive to Laihia.

I guess that the more driver -demanding track scares some of top racers in Europe.

Or then maybe they feel that the level of G7 racing in Finland is simply too high...

Anyway my favorite for 2007 Champion is Juha. He is master in Laihia!