SSRSC 1-08 Mönsterås 2.-3.2.2008

Preliminary invitation / schedule



Box12 Final results.jpg

Box12 heat1 b.jpg

Box12 heat3b.jpg

Box12 heat4b.jpg

Box12 local-kids heat.jpg

Box12 semi A results.jpg

Box12 semi b results.jpg

New phone stand from Parma.jpg

Nice new paint on walls.jpg


2.2. Leo:
Box12 race is over.

Michael Landrud is the winner!

More information later.

Box12 heats are over.

Semi A
Jonas hongisto
Pierre Gryth
Juha Yli-Sipola
Per Wallen
Michael Landrud
Torbjörn Wågman
Håkan Hjalmarsson
Mikael Svensson

Semi B
Bengt G:son Nilsson
Daniel Larsson
Caroline Karlsson
Johanna Hjalmarsson
Peter Kruger
Matti Fyhr

Semis in lane order

Race has started.
Box12 heats (quarters) are going on.

To semi goes:

from first heat:
Torbjörn Wågman
Michael Landrud
Bengt G:son Nilsson

from second heat:
Caroline Karlsson
Daniel Larsson
Jonas Hongisto

from third heat:
Jari Porttinen
Håkan H.
Peter Gruger

from fourth heat:
Juha Yli-Sipola
Anderg Gustafsson
Pierre Gryt

And in buble stands Matti Fyhr, Daniel Ax, Anders G. (not Gus) and Mikael S. (not "the fish", Fish is not here!?).

We are using little bend race system, so 4. of every heat must wait for the results of the "Local-Kid" heat.

Kids-heat is running.
It is super nice to see so many local kids racing.

1.2. Leo:

After very action packed day we finally arrived to Mönsterås.

Box12 practise is going on.
Sprayglue race seems to cause small problems to everybody else than Bengt and Gus. Even Jari and Juha are still seeking for the way to go.

30.1. Leo:

Here I am packing up for tomorrow.

Jimi Hendrix keeps up the feeling!

28.1. Leo:


Finally I got this page up.

So 2008 SSRSC is starting!

And it is so nice to go back to Mönsterås.
Mönsterås is very special place for me. So many good memories.

Race invitation has been out for a long time.
Now also on this page.
Thanks Bengt.

Some things to remember:
- Box12 with Sprayglue
- Höijdens Lågprishotell is very good place to stay
- New paint on walls

About 38 drivers. NOT BAD.

Bengt just told that there is an internet connection in club.
So we will be able to keep this page updated without throwing money to Telia-Soneras pocket!

See You all in Mönsterås!