SSRSC 1-08 Mönsterås 4.-5.4.2009



Lucky Leo, car after OMO.jpg

Nice morning sun.jpg

One of the new roskis.jpg

With color and look like an apple.jpg

6.4. Leo:

Race is over and we are back home (or actually I am at work).

My laptop run out of battery and I had forgotten charger at home.

So no updates. Sorry!

Race was very good.

Thank You Team21 !!

4.4. Leo:

Yesterday was a long practice day.

We arrived already at 11:00 to sunny and beautiful Mönsterås.
Weather here is SO NICE. Yesterday temperature was over 18 C!
You could feel the summer coming after long winter.

Team21 had made some interior work at club.
New “kiosk” type opening had been cut to kitchen wall.
Despite that the good old self service was still working well.
And korv med bröd was exactly as always.

Track is as good as before.
I must say that this track is clearly the best build track that I have seen.
After all these years I really can understand it now after being involved with track building in Helsinki.
This track is far better build than ours!

One very positive thing on this weekend is that we have best possible race director.
Andy Wasserman arrived to Mönsterås yesterday evening.
Race is going to be so fair and nice with Andy on charge. – Good to see You Andy! – 

In the closing minutes we (or it was actually Juha) got Jonas’s Box12 working well. So now we are looking forward to today’s races.

2.4. Leo:

Page opened.

I try to send some updates during the weekend.

See You all in Mönsterås!