SSRSC III Norsjö 14.-16.9.2007

SSRSC III Race Results


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18.9. Leo

Very nice weekend!

THANK YOU for the whole Norsjö club for great race.

This was my second time in Norsjö, and I must say that this is one of the nicest places to go for a race.

I was also very happy to see local racers like Andre Eriksson, Rickard Jonsson (from Skellefteå)
and Daniel Larsson doing so well on track.
Andre and Rickard are already easily in top level of European slotracing.
Daniel is still a junior, but VERY promising one.

It is a pity that old Swedish stars like Silen and Törnefelt could not make it to Norsjö this time.
It would have been interested to see how they have managed against Andre and Rickard.
Actually I think that todays two best Swedish slotcar racers are coming from northern Sweden.

17.9. Jari

OMG7 Results
Top 3:
1 Andre Eriksson, Norsjö Sweden
2 Niko Sorsa, Luumäki Finland
3 Per Persons, Norsjö Sweden

G7 Results
Top 4:
1 Leo Hongisto 1151 laps, Team Hype
2 Juha Yli-Sipola, Team Hype
3 Jari Porttinen, Team Hype
4 Jyri-Ville Pouttu, Team Hype

15.9 Leo

Box12 race is over.
Top 3:
1 Rickard Jonsson, Skellefteå Sweden
2 Juha Yli-Sipola, Team Hype
3 Leo Hongisto, Team Hype

Top 3 Junior:
1 Atte Lyyski, Laihia Finland
2 Daniel Larsson, Norsjö Sweden
3 Niko Sorsa, Luumäki Finland
Top 3 of JuniorJunior:
1 Hans Nyström
2 Viktor Norman
3 Anton Bäckström

14.9. Jari

Team on the way with Z. We got splendit service from Juha's wife when
we had break in Iisalmi. Finnish police gave some interesting papers after
Pekka step in to Polo. (picture Police.jpg).
And unfortunately these were not driving instructions! LH

28.8. Leo:

Race invitation now in english.
-Small adjustements with time schedule
-Information of accommodation

26.8. Leo:

Season starter is getting closer!

At this point following drivers from Finland has told that they are going:

I think that this looks very good.
Keeping in mind that it is like 1100 km to Norsjö from Helsinki. And we are talking about first race of season.

But anyway, there is still enough time to join us for this very nice autumn weekend in center Sweden.

17.8. Leo:
Time to book Your trip to Norsjö!

4.8. Leo:

Race Invitation published!
Per promised to send english version in few days.
Note that Norsjö club wants to organize a dinner party
at local hotel on saturday evening!
This was VERY NICE last time!
This is reason why only 16 drivers allowed to G7 race.

1.12. Leo:

Very Very smooth track!
The most beautiful track I have ever seen!