ESROC EC 2009 Pilsen Chech Republic 11.-15.3.2009



15.3. Leo:
G7 Results:
1. Mario
2. Jari
3. Kricil

Mario passed Jari on last heat to get the title!
Mario on orange - Jari on black.

Congratulations Mario!
Great work Jari!

It was nice to hear that also Mr. Z was in main.

HYPE Jorma chassis was once again THE chassis to use!
Thank You Mario, Jari and all other Jorma users.

15.3. Leo:
OMOG7 results:
1. Horky
2. Kricil
3. Juha
4. Jari

Horky is going to sweep the table again...

Well done Juha and Jari!
HYPE in top3 in every race!

Yesterday was a long day. Racing was over at 03:00.

G7 semis are just starting
Semi B:
Oliver S.

Semi A:

Jari's comment after 2 hours and 15 minutes sleep:
Car is working perfectly - hopefully also the driver!

All the best for Finns in semis!
Make it 50/50 Finland/Europe main!

14.3. Leo:

Added some photos of 2011 worlds track.

14.3. Leo:

Some interesting points from esroc meeting:
-ESROC EC 2010 will be run in Finland.
-Worlds 2011 will be run in Chech.
-Maximum diameter for rear hubs is 12,7 mm from beginning of 2010.
This rule is not in use in worlds oranised by Esroc.
Our original proposal was 13,0 mm. This was changed by meeting.

It is really wierd that all central European countries vouted Worlds to Chech instead of Finland.
Just remembering that Finns were strongest supperters to give worlds to Bruhl.
And we supported Bruhl in situation where they had never organized any big race!

I believed that everybody agreed the idea to support new tracks/clubs by giving these races to them.

This simply shows how much some people care of our small hobby. Own individual needs goeas ahead of common good.

13.3. Leo:
G27 results:
1. Horky
2. Vlado
3. Jari

Congratulations Horky!

Jari did also super great work.

Remembering that we are not racing G27 in Finland.
So I believe that Jari has not raced G27 since worlds last year!

It was also nice to hear that Hannu was in main.
Good work Hannu!

12.3. Jari:

Great test session behind at Wednesday.
Track was  good at least on orange lane.
Today we will get one champion from box stock.
In box stock we have local racers, Germans and juniors from Finland (they had long journey trough Poland).

10.3. Leo:

Page opened.

Great race ahead!

HYPE is going to sweep again.
Our new setups and brand new "H" -armatures has been amaizing also us in testing!
Just wait and see.

I am staying home this year.
Hopefully Jari has some time to send photos and comments to this page.