Jari Porttinen Juha Yli-Sipola Leo Hongisto
Jari Porttinen Juha Yli-Sipola Leo Hongisto

HYPE slotracing is a team of three top slotcar racers from Finland.
After many years of racing together around the world we decided that it is time to give a name to our very succesful team work. And at this point we already had few own racing parts which almost cried a brand of their own.

After turning and bouncing many different names we ended up to HYPE.
HYPE actually comes from first letters of our surnames: Hongisto, Yli-Sipola and Porttinen. E in the end makes it just a little bit more difficult for new members
to join the team.

HYPE slotracing team has been racing slotracing together over 70 years!
During these years HYPE slotracing team has won:
1 World Championship title, 6 European Championship titles and over 15 National Championship titles.

Our email addresses are type: frontname@hypeslotracing.com

So we believe that we know what we are doing!